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  1. I have noticed an increased use of the words "fuck" and "shit" on ET and recently brought this to the attention of an ET Moderator.

    A Moderator replied back to my inquiry stating that these are "accepted" words that are quite common in a TRADERS vocabulary.

    If they aren't used in an "attacking" manner, then they are apparently allowed to be used in posts on ET. This was the conclusion that I came to regarding his reply.

    Is this true Baron?
    Is profanity now an accepted manner in which to get one's point across in a post?

    Just curious.
  2. Fuck is a cunt of a word
  3. bond_trad3r will respect the rules regarding the use of profanity. It is my understanding that it's tolerated but frowned upon when used in an attacking manner. Again, if the rules were to change, I will respect them.
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    What the fuck? Why does this shit have to be brought up all the fucking time?

    Actually, Baron addressed this once, right about the time I first registered here. This message board is similar to the atmosphere on a trading floor, where profanity is commonplace.

    Maybe Elite Afternoon Tea Time With Oprah would be better for you. Nobody says fuck or shit on Oprah.
  5. But evidently Stedman fucks the shit out of Oprah now and then
  6. My guess is that 99% of the people that post on ET have NEVER been on a trading floor . . .

    Hence, the ET idea of what the atmosphere is like on a trading floor is pure fantasy.

    Thanks for your input.
  7. I can understand complaints about verbal abuse. But, the

    ET police are getting out of hand. Some of you guys are

  8. Landis is under the impression that ET was designed for institutional and hedge fund traders.

    The reality is that ET was designed for the guys in their undies at home daytrading with IB and for Joe Small who prop trades at the small time bucket shop. If you are looking for hotshot million dollar traders, then you need to look elsewhere. This site is for small-time daytraders.

    Maybe Landis can create his own site so he can brag about his alleged exploits back in the 80s.

    His constant attacks on the membership base, who are just average guys looking to get a few steps higher in life, are simply unacceptable and intolerable.

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    Can I say that here?
  10. Why are you such a hater and a hypocrite?

    Quote from Landis82:

    And then there is this kind of ET member . . .


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    Since you post all day and all night on ET, it's obvious that you don't have a mother fucking life!

    You are even more than a stupid asshole than I though you were for continuing to PM me ... oh yeah .. sorry about your friends at the WTC ... bwahahahaha!

    Fuck you! ...
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