use of BreakEven exits

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  1. i noticed that a long of good traders use BE stops. Most often they move initial stop up to BE (sometimes + comm.) when the price goes their way distance equal to their initial stop. Do you use this technique? Why/why not/how?
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  3. Stops are the best! I use them most of the time. If I'm in the money I use a trailing stop that I adjust accordingly, also depending on market conditions.
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    I move it to breakeven + a tick after it has gone a few points and has established price past a moving average filter I use.

    However, moving to breakeven after it has gone a static number of points is probably going to hurt your results more often than not, since a retest of the breakout spot is very common. Think about it, you gain a single tick on a breakeven win .. but when you get stopped out, that single loss will wipe out a bunch of those small tick gains.
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    i use a trailing stop all the time. that way, once im in, its a no brainer.
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