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  1. Hi, NT people!

    I want to launch ninja strategies via FXCM.The issue i have is a weird tick value issue.Please see the images attached.I have different values in the chart trader and the strategy tab for unrealized PnL.Also, how do i change quantity from 1000 to 1?Are those strategy issues or NT issues?Where to look to fix it?

  2. Forgot the attaches...
  3. They are NT issues, especially with NT8. Do yourself a favor and dump Ninja. Multicharts and Sierra charts blow them away in terms of reliability and performance...
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  4. Yeah,you are right.20 years and crap is given from nt "support".What are they doing there anyway...
  5. schweiz


    Use NT7, no problems.

    If any software company makes a new version, wait as long as possible to upgrade. Let others be the chinese volunteers to test things out. New complex software rarely works from first time.

    I saw problems years ago with Tradestation.

    I saw bugs in Russian software that connects TS with certain datafeeds, but nobody before me noticed the bug. After a lot of discussions and hard proof from my side the Russians fixed the bug.
    Same problem with IQfeed a few months ago after an upgrade. Custom supports checked my remarks but software engineers said there was no problem. I sent them hard proof and 2 days later was adviced to reinstall the previous version. A few weeks later the problem was fixed. But I was the first one, from the thousands of clients, that saw the bug, and the buggy program was already running several days. Clearly most people don't even see bugs that are very visible.

    I never liked Multicharts, so some dump A and some dump B. I have just the basic understanding of programming but it is clear to me that deliver extensive and complex software that works from start perfectly is rare, very rare.
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    MotiveWave would be another one to consider ;)
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    Forget NT8.
    They are so busy developing new futures in their full paid versions and have virtually no time to fix simple bugs that was fixed in NT7 years ago but after NT8 branch was created.
    Not to mention NT8 significantly slower on the same hardware/os combination.
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