Use neighbor's unsecured WiFi as backup connection?

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by a529612, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Howdy neighbor. :eek:
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  2. risky63


    sat phone.....300/yr+ 1-2$ min
    must initiate phone before trading....then speed dial brokers #
    I use it offshore when fishing...still a write off was $600.00
    I use the min. plan
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  3. GTS


    Easy enough to check, connect to his wireless and do a traceroute (tracert) to any internet address - you should be able to tell right away from the first few hops which ISP you are connected through. Or just go here and then do a "whois" on the IP address that is displayed, the ISP that owns the block should be listed.

    As a backup I wouldnt use it for anything more then an emergency way to close out all positions and that's it - I wouldnt switch to it and then continue trading like nothing happened.
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  4. Most DSL offer free dialup access like 10hrs per month.

    You should call your DSL company to find out if they offer such.

    Also, its good to know exactly where your local WiFi hotspots are at for situations where its not an emergency but you just want to monitor what's going on in the market or just need internet connection.

    By the way, its known that some hackers intentionally setup unsecured WiFi as bait just to see whom will use it.

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  5. 4re


    LOL...I have done this a time or two. My DSL went down and in my neighborhood I found 4 other wireless networks, one was not secured and I got a decent signal so I used it long enough to check email. I did eventually tell my neighbor that I did it and even helped her secure her network. After I got mine running again.
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  6. Doesn't Verizon specifically prohibit using the wireless card for anything streaming, i.e. streaming quotes?
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  7. What can the hackers do if you have software firewall on your PC? Are you pretty much "naked" since you have to use his network?
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  8. Surdo


    Verizon is not at all shy about closing your Wireless account for overusage of bandwidth.

    el surdo
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  9. Not sure that they would ever know.

    I actually talked to a Verizon guy who does business sales and asked if I could use the card and service for my chart service -- he said no problem and he demonstrated it in my office.

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  10. Would you expect a no from a salesman before you sign the contract? :D
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