Use neighbor's unsecured WiFi as backup connection?

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  1. Is there any danger to that if my DSL goes down and I need to exit positions? My account comes with a digital ID key that requires a new password every session.
  2. lol - thats awesome. good idea. keep your costs down. \\maybe make sure he isnt on the same network? or you could just run to starbucks hot spot.
  3. what if he has the same dsl that you have. i have a free dialup account plus i have a laptop set up with verizon wireless so no matter what happens i can log on.
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    Worse comes to worse your broker is responsible for any security breaches. I screwed up and told my neighbor his network was unsecured and showed him how to secure I have no back up without driving around the neighborhood.:)
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    Always a bad idea to use somebody else's network connection. What you would be doing is connecting your machine to his router, instead of using a wire you are just using the airwaves. As far as security goes,unless you are encrypting all the information that you are transmitting - a concept called VPN or tunneling - your information would be potentially exposed. What you might be securing at this point is probably only your ID and password, not your entire transmission.

    Furthermore, in the case of a dispute with the company that holds your account, sometimes detailed information about the transmission might be required. This would be embarrasing - at best - since it can be discovered that you were transmitting through somebody else's internet provider. Your neighbor does not provide connectivity to the Internet by himself, he connects through some company which will be able to record basic data about your machine such IP address, connection time, etc.
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    Easily explained imo; You lose your connection and windows automatically searches for and connects to any available network it can find, without your knowledge since you don't know anything about computers as far as your broker is concerned.
  7. Only if you trust your neighbor and he knows you're doing it. Otherwise he may take down his network during the day and ruin your backup plan.
  8. I agree; and beside; anyone who didn't secure his network is equally at fault by letting his door open.
  9. Like someone else mentioned, a Verizon wireless card for a laptop is a simple and easy back-up.
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    I believe there was a lawsuit a couple of years ago related to this subject. I don't remember the details or outcome but it was realted to using somone elses wirless network. Given all the other reasons posted for not doing this and the possibility of some legal issues, I wouldn't do it.
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