Use laptop monitor as an extra monitor?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by le140, Jan 27, 2004.

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    I was thinking of buying another 17" lcd to have a 4 monitors setup.

    But is it possible to get a laptop and set it up as the 4th monitor and also have an extra laptop on hand for travel?

    The laptop I plan to get is the HP 5400 series with dual monitor support.

    thanks in advance for the help,
  2. Great question!

    I was wondering the same thing myself and never thought of asking.

  3. I know you can hook up 4 monitors to a laptop, but as for integrating the laptop to a desktop system already running, I don't know. Will your TA software allow two open versions at once? If so, a router to the laptop should allow extra monitor like performance, but you'd need to use the separate mouse and keyboard.

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    would you then have to use the laptop's keyboard with the other monitor's?
  5. I use the HP Pav ZD7020 with a 17" screeen when I travel, it is the most comfortable laptop that I ever used (and I used many). The screen is great but unfortunatly you can't use it as a fourth monitor to hook up to you main desktop only as a seperate machine (that is as far as I know at least). The laptop does support a second monitor and it works great as well. What you can do is hook it up to a KVM and control it through your main keyboard and mouse. Of couse you would have to switch back and fourth through the KVM.

    Hope it helps

    TM Trader
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    VNC can probably help you out.
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    What's the video card in the laptop. I have a ATI Rage Mobility in my older Dell Latitude, and with a couple changes to the WinXP registry, was able to get dual monitor support.
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    Usual disclaimers apply, you're responsible for your own system.

    I did this process and it worked for me, but I backed up everything just in case :D

    Quoted from this site:

    "Johannes van den Bosch 2002-03-01 17:20
    Expand Desktop didn't work out of the box either with my Compaq Evo N160 notebook running Windows XP pro.

    A simple registry hack did the trick (should work for Win2000 too):

    * Start Regedit.exe
    * Search for the keys "DisableDualView"
    * Change the value from 1 to 0
    * Repeat until you changed all keys (about 5 of them)
    * Reboot

    And you now have the "Expand desktop" options in your display properties window...

    Good luck!"
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    I think it was Rad... something :)

    Is it easy to set it back to the original configuration?
    and if so what is the best way?

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