Use Iraq oil to fund our budget deficit?

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  1. Just steal it and call it "war reparations" like they did in WWI.
  2. We should have taken their oil fields after the first Gulf war. We should have kept the Kuwaiti oil fields as well. We liberate them, we keep them. We could have driven a stake through OPEC's heart with all the production Halliburton could have gotten out of those fields. $10 oil would have kept the Iranians from having the means to support terrorists, and would have reminded the Saudis who their daddy is.

    As an added benefit, consumers in the US would be lining up to buy SUV's and big V-8 performance cars. Life would be good.
  3. here's the problem..

    every time a new member is elected to congress he/she has to prove their 'net worth' of election.

    what does this entail, you ask?

    Means they must do smthg while they are there cause 'nothing is not a cool hand'.

    and that SMTHG is introducing new bills. and new bills inevitably mean MORE SPENDING. more laws constraining behaviour so the whole process is tainted in favor of more more spending, and all tied to human nature, for the worse :/

    I'd vote for next congressman whose platform was NOTHING. I promise to do NOTHING. No new spending bills, no new taxes, no new stupid knee-jerk let's outlaw farting in public cause 3 people in US are offended smelling farts kind of bills. no new NOTHING! The status quo is good enuf, let's let the dust settlte before we give away or outlaw evrything in the name of ... whatever.

    [breathe in...ahhh]

    that's all

  4. Unfortunately, the US will not steal any Iraqi oil this time either.

    Instead, the US will see to it that Europe will continue to receive cheap oil. The US will continue the commitment of rebuilding and maintaining Europe since WWII. Gotta keep them happy or Europe will fall again.
  5. You have a point, but the other side of it is that the longer a congressman serves, the more they tend to support spending. When they are new, they don't have the stroke to get earmarks put into bills and a few actually have principles.
  6. just an incoherent rant.. i'm entitled to one a day :p

  7. The system needs ever increasing regulation and laws so that all of the god damned lawyers will have plenty of business and the politicians will have more power.
  8. Hot air!! I suggest you try to work your way out of the Iraqi mistake before your start fanaticizing about stealing this and that.

    You very much remind me of a rapist who seeks an excuse to rape or who fanaticizes about how he should've raped that woman who got away from him.

    The difference between you and a rapist is that a rapist will be punished and will always keep his sick fantasies a secret while you brag about being the sick man you are.

    Can't wait for the other sick fuckers to jump in and add their sick contribution of how they would've stole and destroyed.

    Just do me a favor and stop claiming that you are not a primitive low lifer that is different from Hitler and his execuses.
  9. I just love how people/ nations try to get out of financial problems that they got themselves into by contemplating theft.

    Tell me guys...How are you different from any low life thief or bully??

    Never mind.
  10. that's kind of evil man. are you clacking your talons against your fangs as you fantasize about rubbing in destruction with consumption? jesus
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