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  1. Here are some links and articles to inform you of the Rocks and sharks lying and swimming underneath this deep ocean of money we are all so eager to gain our fortune in.I hope this keeps many of you safe and I hope it will keep your eyes and ears open to what can and happen.Also I think as Traders we need to create a coalition to pressure the authorities to regulate and bring to justice as well as root out the varmints who swindle honest risk takers out of their money.we already have enough risk without being subjected to those who swindle every dime without a chance for our return. This is a good place to begin. Also go to google and type in forex con men,forex swindlers,forex scams, forex insider trading.. Also I read an article that stated emphatically that almost all of Forex scammers set up shop in South Florida. Almost all of those who get scammed enter into a managed account. Furthermore there is a government site which will teach you the common methods of operation which Forex scam artists employ to cheat you out of your money. As I've searched the various sites which tout some glorified come on or another and all state emphatically their platform is the best and all --- practically all state there is no slippage but I've witnessed slippage many times while I've been trading.There are many ways these Brokers can take your money and leave you high and dry slippage is just one of them. Please add your findings to this thread and as I have time I will add to it as well. Safe and prosperous trading to us all.
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    I think I should start charging a dollar everytime a new poster posts this type of thing.

    And then use the proceeds to start my very own bucketshop. :D
  3. Look at for some good info on good and bad in the forex market
  4. Thank you I will.
  5. toooo rich a must see your one stop shopping for it all. ROFLMAO. I haven't read a word yet so use caution did you know the con man's favorite disguise is to come as sheep? They hide among us promising us safety and liberty so read this site with a critical eye as well I ahven't reviewed it yet so I ahve no comment other than the front page made me chuckle.
  6. I agree and I look at everything, including the website, with a critical eye. I signed up for his free forex trade the news signals and pretty good so far. He admits when he makes a mistake. Now that I have been trading a bit, I automatically discredit anyone whom shows all wins, because it isn't possible. Good trading is a game of winning probabilites, the holy grail doesn't exist.
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