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  1. The other day I found myself without an alarm clock so I did a search and now I use my computer for that purpose everyday.

    So say I found myself with out a telephone but I had my IBM thinkpad, a landline and a head set. There must be a way that I can use those three things to make a phone call?
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    Please tell me you are not using a landline to connect to the internet?

    Try Skype!
  3. Dail-up for high frequency scalping all the way! Just kidding actual I bought a headset that doesn't work with my phone but works with my computer. I would really like to use it.

    I don't have skype as I don't think it is the right thing for my business
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    Skype +1

    Also Vonage, Packet 8, Net2phone, Yahoo Voice, MSN, AOL Voice, MajicJack etc.
  5. I use Skype
  6. +3. MajicJack. You pay $40 for a device and basically can get a dial tone for a buck or two a month and no long distance paid in the USA.
  7. Okay how about this.

    I'm at my Grandmothers house and her old rotary phone goes dead. She need to call the church to say that the turkey isn't quite ready for the 4:30pm first sitting at the supper.

    She has no internet of course. I have my computer that I can plug into a land line and my headset. How do I make an outbound call?
  8. The only way I know of is to use a VoIP service provider - many of which are mentioned in posts above. To be able to call a landline you need to pay for the service - all the free services (like skype) are only free when you connect to another computer user through the internet. However, if you pay for the service (including paying skype either per minute or by subscription) you can not only call landlines and cell phones, but you can get your own landline number as well.

    The service I use for my business provides me with a landline number, a fax number, and 2000 free minutes per month of calls to practically any landline in the world. The landline and fax numbers are normal local numbers that they ported to the VoIP service for me from my previous conventional phone company. Using these types of services you can have your own local phone numbers any where in the world, and have them all come to a headset on your computer, a dedicated VoIP phone, redirected to a landline or cell phone anywhere else in the world, or any combination thereof.

    - However, as far as I'm aware, you can only use VoIP to call a landline if you pay...
  9. use your cellphone...
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