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    I've upgraded to a Dell Vostros w/ 24" from a 3 yr. old Compaq Presario w/17" crt. Thanks to all who contribute here (especially gnome) for educating me to make the purchase.

    Can't find that software that let's you use 2nd pc's monitor by 1st pc. Old computer is no longer online and I can't find saved link that's been referred to a few times in this Hardware section that let's you use the other pc's screen.

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    You want to have 2 monitors running from 1 PC? Just get a dualhead video card.
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    Gnome there's some software that let's you just use the 2nd pc's monitor while the 2nd pc stays intact. I wanna keep the 2nd pc together.
    I need to learn how to get a router set up to get the old pc back online and I want another 24" when I do get another monitor for the new PC.
    Anyway the software's been talked about a few times here and it sounds like it'd be perfect for me 'til I can afford to upgrade to new monitor.
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    In previous post, you said the 2nd computer was no longer "online". If you're not using it as part of your trading setup, just unplug the monitor and plug it into your other computer and have 2 monitors on one machine.

    If you want to use both computers with both monitors and have them linked, you want something like Synergy.
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    Actually that'd be the best route, just connecting the 17" crt.
    Cool. Got two DVI hook ups on the card but think it came w/some adaptors so will try to figure out "how to".
    I had no clue it would be possible...thanks Gnome.
  6. gnome


    Once you get both monitors connected to the card, go into Display/Settings, and click on "Extend Windows Desktop to this monitor". Depending upon the card, you might have to reboot so that Windows can detect the 2nd monitor at startup.
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    Thank you my friend!!!
  8. 1358june


    There was a VGA to DVI adapter included w/the system so I used that to plug the 17" CRT into the 2nd DVI connection on the new computer.

    Followed your directions Gnome to extend Windows and it works perfect. Can't wait for live data Sunday night (forex).

    Now I can put the order screens (EFX Navigator) on the 17" and have more room for Neoticker charts!!!

    Thanks a million Gnome.
  9. syd697


    Quick question about dual monitor cards. I have 4 monitors to run and want to have a different trading screen on each one, while being able to manipulate each monitor separately.

    If a video card has a vga port and a dvi port, can I use a cable splitter on each port to run a total of 4 monitors? Will I be able to have 4 different trading screens, one on each monitor, or will I only get two images that gets extended on 2 of the monitors?

    Or do I need to get 4 separate video cards?

    Thanks anyone.
  10. gnome


    Splitters degrade the video quality and both monitors show the same image.

    If you want 4 monitors, you will need 4 video ports. Some dualhead cards come with a "Y" cable that resembles a splitter, but actually is not.

    Your entire 4-monitor Extended Desktop will allow you to put any app any place (except those which will run only on the Primary), and to extend some apps over more than 1 monitor if you choose.
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