USDJPY - How high?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by antiseptic, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. It seems many said it would start ranging at <110, but now we're >112 and going strong. Just curious what price targets people have in mind? Next resistance area I'm seeing is about 118 or so.
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    I'm buying JPY Dollar shouldn't go higher its time to digest real prospects of US, buck should retreat on the rate hike..
  3. This could go up for months....... This is a completely unexpected shift in government and policy
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    This makes no sense whatsoever... why would the USD retreat on the hike?
    It might retreat if Yellen goes dovish, but I doubt that. Otherwise "all aboard the $-train!!!"
  5. JackRab


    There's a 5-yr 23.6% pivot point around this level... 114+ish. After that it might be testing the 126-level of 2015...

    Meh.. what do I know, I'm just glad it's back at the level of 6 months ago... I've been short JPY all the way up and down....
    I might just be speaking in line with my position a bit.....
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  6. I think that's a level a lot of traders are eyeballing
  7. Still on track for 126
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  8. That's what it looks like. The nearest target though is 116.
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    I expect a correction USD/JPY in the currency pair within a few days an I think that it will move to 114.85 anyway
  10. Nice. Where'd that target come from if you don't mind me asking?
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