USDCAD Position Trades

Discussion in 'Forex' started by chumbucket, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. I am setting longs out of the 1.0008 level on CAD. My risk is below the swing low, a significant daily close below 9974. If the trade goes in my favor I am targeting the 1.0220 level. This is the key reversal level down. I will watch this closely. If we move above here, then I will add to longs or reset long at this level for a significant move to 1.0546.

    I will update as the trade progresses with risk management.
  2. Update ???
  3. I apologize for letting this go. I created the new user name "chumbucket" because I was having problems with my old username and the email thing. I moved out in the country recently, on the river of course, and had to get satellite internet services. It is causing some email issues to say the least. I am back to using my old username of "downrivertrader" and will not post under chumbucket anymore.

    Let me take a look at this and I will update it.

  4. Did you account blow up so bad that you're running from authorties?
  5. Yes. Please don't tell them where I am.