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  1. BOT 200,000 USD USD.CAD Cash 1.0433 CAD IDEALPRO 12:43:32
  2. Gcapman


    Hate to break it to you - but as I see it.....big downside coming soon
  3. my new bestest trading buddy Gcapman:p

    This is just a technical base day trade not a position trade. I know I'm swimming upstream ......again ugghh

    Since you mentioned it can you tell me about your analyis?


    SLD 200,000 USD USD.CAD Cash 1.0438 CAD IDEALPRO 13:29:31

    looking for possible short
  4. SLD 200,000 USD USD.CAD Cash 1.044 CAD IDEALPRO 13:59:18

    stop 1.0445
  5. Was stopped out of previous trade now short

    SLD 200,000 USD USD.CAD Cash 1.044 CAD IDEALPRO 15:09:58
  6. Gcapman


    Your stop losses are way too tight......IMO
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    Can I be your introducing broker pleassseeee?:D :D :D
  8. a stop .0005 away...

    It's so obvious you're leveraging way beyond your means. Let me guess 200:1... maybe 400:1?

    Stop trading now. You will regret it otherwise.

    I'de put a short of 200,000 on your account if I could. Now that sounds like a winner.
  9. Thanks for your input, i'm looking for that.
    I made a mistake in the the entry and stop placement.
    expecting a resistance level to hold. I didn't need to risk 50-100
    to test that hypothesis. I was too early in that entry and i'm still getting a feeling for forex. If my approach to trading these scenarios is not gonna work, I'll know without loosing thousands of dollars IMHO.

    BTW, I'm only using 40:1 leverage.
  10. risk aversion will be back by the end of the week.

    USD up....

    CAD down 1.5 cents by week end.
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