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  1. I'll admit I have read fewer than 50 USDA reports in my lifetime. I'm sure there are people on here who have read thousands of reports and traded professionally as a result.

    Is anyone qualified and willing to provide commentary on these reports as they come out?

    Or is there a source for credible commentary following the release of these reports?
  2. 1) The CBOT/CME may host live/online press conferences with "ag people" who decipher the report.
    2) The older-line brokerage firms may have their own in-house people who do the same thing. Sign up for their newsletter for info. :cool:
  3. Thanks Nazz.
  4. Shagi


    Its very very difficult though to take a position when market opens soon after the reports. Sometimes market goes opposite of probable direction consistent with report or if in direction it opens limit up/down etc. I find them more useful a day or two after release by gauging market reaction when everyone has sobered up.
  5. The old "buy the rumor sell the news"