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    In harmony with kanellop's agriculture/weather postings (which I have found to be very informative - keep it up!), the USDA NASS provides these maps of planted acreage, harvested acreage, yield per acre, and production acreage by county.

    When comparing observed and forecasted precipitation and temperature reports, having a mental image of these maps overlaid in your mind can help you form a more accurate picture of what crops are receiving (or not receiving, as is the case this year) rainfall and suitable temperatures.

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    I am around here and watch the Grains and their tremendous and powerful price rally.

    In general, i am trying to read many things and from different Internet Sources relative to them without to pay much Money.

    Also, try to trade the Grains very carefully.

    I have some very small Positions right now in Corn, Soybeans and Long Spread Wheat between Kansas City and Chicago.

    Market in Wheat had put me out,

    but i watch the things as best i can relative to it.

    Now, easily, someone can lose tremendous Amounts of Money in tremendous Short Period of Time in Grains Trading.

    Kind Regards,

    George Kanellopoulos.