USD to soar Monday due to world tensions?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by bond tr4der, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Israel and Palatine going at it along with India and Pakistan. Me thinks world instability benefits the USD.
  2. Not sure how this is different from pretty much any other day.
  3. I dunno... stranger things have happened in 2008. One of these wars might be legit.
  4. yes, i can't believe there is tension between them. Nobody thought
    something like this would ever happen again. Dollar going to soar!
  5. Oil soaring, Dollar Weakening:)
  6. ipatent


    Bad things tend to happen when powerful interests feel threatened.
  7. Fed Funds futures above "par"? :eek:
  8. What's that mean?
  9. Oil could soar,

    Dollar, non-event

    JPY to soar (new safe haven for the world).
  10. Gold.
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