USD strength - PowerShares DB US Dollar Bullish Fund

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by ASusilovic, Mar 5, 2009.

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    There must be a USD bullish ETF ? Maybe 3x leverage ?
  2. Yes there is. I call it the "cash market". You probably call it the "interbank market". The leverage is enormous too! :cool:
  3. Nazz,

    I am visting this website early in the morning. Guess why ?
  4. Would it have something to do with ascertaining the consensus expectation of the non-farm payroll number with respect to the range of expectations or.......or.......Giselle Bundschen? You do know that she's "off the market" now, don't you? :cool:
  5. Yeah, I know Giselle is "off the market". But I will remember the "Bundchen USD low" forever !

  6. You'll probably be more excited when she starts to speak badly of the Euro. :p