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    Massive rally in the US dollar against pretty much all currencies except the Yen. Congrats to those smart enough to see it coming.

    Hedge funds blowing up and panic unwinding?

    What and when will be the catalyst for it to end? Thoughts?
  2. This shit is unreal. I have no idea how this will end.
  3. I'm confounded...

    Almost as if the currency move in the last 12-18 months was all imaginary, never happened!

    I am suspicious, and think US money supply is likely outpacing that of the rest of the world. Nothing structurally is making the dollar look stronger long term. Wonder if Argentina has anything to do with this...
  4. Nothing making USD look like a good bet? How about fear?
    Fear of the end of the world? If you're going to flee, you come home.
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    according to a piece on itulip, they guess the rally will go for 2 - 6 months from when it began. I have know idea why they think that.

    After that it begins its long journey to the bottom
  6. Flash back to November 2007:

    Rapper Jay-Z dissing the dollar
    Rapper Jay-Z appears to be endorsing the euro

    Wads of dollar bills are usually as much a part of rap videos as fast cars, diamond-encrusted jewellery and scantily-clad models.

    But in an apparent nod to the low value of the dollar, rapper Jay-Z's new video Blue Magic features another currency.

    He is seen cruising the streets of New York in Bentleys and Rolls Royces (now owned by Germany's Volkswagen and BMW) with a briefcase of 500 euro notes.

    It follows reports that the supermodel Gisele Bündchen also favours euros.

    The catwalk star's twin sister and manager Patricia told Bloomberg in September that: "Contracts starting now are more attractive in euros because we don't know what will happen to the dollar."
  7. This was the ultimate contrarian indicator!!! :)
  8. Most commentators say they have never seen anything like this ... and I guess they're all correct. Supposedly some investing department lost USD 2bn on the AUD as well... Citic-something, I think ... was on Bloomberg UK just now.
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    have any of you considered the possibilities of;

    1... margin calls and selling what's at a profit to cover given the volatility of all markets

    2... the USD was the first currency in the crapper and now the others are having their turn

    3... that it is being manipulated by the CBs to relieve traders of their money so that the banks can improve their balance sheets

    4... trader psychology

    there are probably lots of other reasons but these are the first ones i could think of...of course i could be wrong:D
  10. I was watching the action all day and night [no jokes I was looking for an entry point for the mother of all bounces] it was steady selling at higher than normal volumes for the asian session all night. But not like real huge volume. There wasn't much of a battle to push the euro through 1.3000.

    100pips on the cable and 700 odd on the euro since yesterday.
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