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  1. You might look at a short here if it were not for the US holiday.

    just a thought...

    don't make your target too big though...Speculatively speaking your entry is safe (but take a look at it after the holday and if there is not much change from now then go for it) and your 14D ATR is at 0.0530

    There is a little bonus of carry interest so trail your stop to BE as soon as you get 10%. If you can get this then your home-free...just bank some interest and let it ride...if you get some major appreciation quickley then take it off the table.

    I am not taking this trade as I am a systems trader and I do not have the time to manage its direction. All trading can cause you to lose all of your money and I have no stake in the success or failure of this trade. The basis for the direction taken is proprietary.
  2. Well I hoped this worked out for some of you...

    Your Welcome :)
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