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  1. Does it see $98 before $100? Thought at one point today they were going to take it under $99 but its rallying back to near day's high.

    Anyone with any technical insight or just wants to chime in, feel free. Thanks.
  2. irniger


    My H4 setup still points up. H1 also.

  3. toolazy


    I was nicely positioned for usjy down today but stopped out with minor loss. Idea the same not getting to 100.

    Not changed my mind, looking for re-entry. Could easily be couple 100 pointer.
  4. Thanks gents. Up indeed Felix. Still waiting for a possible entry point.
  5. rroverx


    Any input as to the current levels?

    I was short yesterday and was stopped out overnight.

    Looking to re-enter but are we in no-man's land?
  6. Churned for over 2 hours @ $100.40ish and sell side was looking heavy. I was almost going to enter and now just clipped higher with current ask @ $100.67. Looks like another flat position day for me.

    I may have to end up taking long side the way this is looking. Clearly yesterday's move off $99.10 looks pretty convincing. You would think this trade is getting a little crowded by now on the long side.
  7. Hopefully Felix caught some of this move on the way up.
  8. irniger


    I am up about 500 pips since June 18 trading H4 timeframe

  9. Nice. It seems that timeframe is used by a couple of folks I know. Interesting. Well looks like I may have caught a little break. When the markets started looking a little tired I took a short position on the USD/JPY @ $100.625 so see what happens. So far its moving in my direction. Most likely will close < an hour from now unless it looks like its heading back below $100.
  10. rroverx


    I have almost the exact same trade on.

    I'm a bit weary because this thing is quite strong despite the weakness in the broader market. 101+ on a squeeze?
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