USD/JPY Short trade

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  1. SLD 100,000 USD USD.JPY Cash 90.006 JPY IDEALPRO FEB 15 16:45:24
    SLD 100,000 USD USD.JPY Cash 90.025 JPY IDEALPRO FEB 15 17:56:49

    We'll see If I can hold out for 88.000 level
  2. Gcapman


    Not after those Barclays results and DB upgrade....

    Massive rally in the works....
  3. I know doesn't look like its gonna work, oh well,
    hindsight should have taken profit when shorterm trend ended.
  4. Gcapman


    USDJPY is still in a downtrend technically

    But I think that the good news will reverse the trend slowly as the trading session rolls on.........
  5. I'm out with a small profit and you were right it looked like it might flip over but never did and looks stronger than ever.
  6. Gcapman


    It is now starting to hit some resiz.....

    I'm looking to build a large short swing trade going into the next Asia/London trading session........
  7. Gcapman


    Suicide to short all this bullishness,,,,,,
  8. SLD 200,000 USD USD.JPY Cash 90.140 JPY IDEALPRO 09:20:28
  9. Right, 'cause when it doesn't work the first time, it's gotta work the second!
  10. Good statement, not sure where your coming from though.

    The shortterm trend is up and longterm down, there are opportunities for contertrend shortterm trades and I decided to take it. Not being bull headed or stubborn just didn't see a bullish setup I could take.

    Seems to be working but the question is will I manage the trade better than I did on the previous one.

    I discussed that prior trade on this thread
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