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  1. I know this - never argue with the market...however this move based on the vote in europe seems very overdone. The Euro is not going away. European common market won't go away. EU is not weaker. Politics will have to change a lot however. this maybe a great thing for EU....
    1.20 could be a bottom if it holds and confirms.....any ideas?
  2. ok, never argue with the market. how about arguing with your own premises?

    eur 120 -- you could always buy it and see.
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    The issue is not the EU constitution. The Euro began making a significant move prior to the constitution votes or murmings of a failed French vote. There was a political event that's fairly significant for the euro's prospects that most media pundits totally failed to pick up on because they're clueless.
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    I don't think this move has to do with the frnnech and dutch no vote to the constitution. I think this more or less reflects the gloomy economic reality of the big 2 in EU 0 Germany and France. their economy is for shits, and I think european money managers are finally getting a grip of that and buying foreign assets, USA among other as well. Just my 2 cents. It feels to me that EUR is going to 1.15 at this point before it goes up notably.
  5. That's the kind of a response I was looking for. I do not trade currencies (not even with your money) but I have a currency exposure in my portfolio.
    Plus I am a dual national USA/EU....
    I know, socialism is expensive and "money managers" do prefer bloodsucking like we do it in the USA :)

  6. I am not following, if not the vote what other event/factor are we talking about?
  7. Euro above 1.30 was too high anyway.

    I play the bottom since 1.24
    no reasons to quit now!!!
  8. Second hand via CNBC's 'Kudlow & Company'. Buffet's Short US$ was hit by Stoploss. Euro's 'Initial Public Offering' was 1.17, if that's broken look for . . . was it 1.12 or 1.09.

    The current Constitution is dead, notwithstanding the EU politicos are unable to grasp that, it has little or no relevance to the individuals of the populations of the EU; several countries don't want further membership expansion — Ukraine, Turkey won't make it into the EU. Italy should—ought to withdraw from the Euro.

    Mid month July is my timeline for a 'make-or-break' for the Euro to bottom and begin a Wave 5 to new highs — $ breakdown.