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  1. Hey guys.

    What do you think about this pair? anyone playing it right now? I am sure if most of you are long EUR/USD, you are Short on USD/CHF :)

  2. I'm long. Everything depends on your timeframe.
  3. With the developing geopolitical landscape and the technical indicators, this would be the last pair I'd ever go long on.
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    EUR/USD and USD/CHF are strongly correlated. There is no difference between buying EUR/USD or selling USD/CHF.
  5. If that were true, EUR/CHF would be completely flat, now wouldn't it.

    To further reveal the absurdity of your comment, take at look at how much interest you lose when holding EUR over the dollar to holding Francs over it.
  6. I think that is true for the most part but there is the potential for the CHF to trading more in step with gold in times of geopolitical troubles. Or maybe a more tradable way to think about is that it if the CHF decoupled with the Euro that would be the first relationship I would look for.
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    I was just quoting the article after some web surfing. I'm thinking of trading Forex sometime in the future.
  8. Long EUR/USD
    Long USD/CHF

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    Which is long EUR/CHF, correct?
  10. How many units of each?
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