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    Wow! Was looking at the charts tonite and I see that the Swissy broke 1.02 on its way to parity. It hasn't been at this level in over a year. Everyone has been focusing on the Euro and Pound the others have been rapidly approaching some of these milestones they hit last year. It's going to be interesting going into the end of the year with this dollar depreciation.
  2. Seeing today's price action, I'm almost willing to bet that 1.02 will be the bottom for 2009.
  3. dollar is trash
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    What makes you say that?
  5. It's just a guess based on what I've seen the past few days.
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    Good guess

    we got there

    but is it the low ?
  7. I suppose that the price will turn after reaching the 0.9395 level.
  8. I think that usd/chf asset will go up
  9. > I think that usd/chf asset will go up

    You and everyone else, brother. Long $ is a consensus trade.
  10. I’m buying usdchf until the 0.9847 mark
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