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  1. Where the heck is support for this pair?... every obvious support level has broken so far. Probably too late to short.
  2. i have lost loads on this pair, now sitting tight until 1.09 ish, good luck mate
  3. Day trading, or long term swings?
  4. I can honestly say I've never lost money on this pair. It just requires patience. It also requires the understanding that the market is stupid on occasion - as it is here - and that it always corrects itself.

    If you're buying near multi year lows with an RSI of 18, you're usually safe :)
  5. well, i bought as it was rising from its last major low and was healthy in its progress at 1.1850 so i went long, within an hour (just my luck) it dropped 70 ish to 1.1777 pips so i thought great buying opportunity, bought more and saw it drop to 1.1630 at which point i cut my losses and decided to wait til it truly bottoms out.
    i thought that was this week as all the so called experts at predicted a rise from 1.1250 to at least 1.1350 in a relief rally- what a crock- it dropped again as we see noe, so reluctantly i sold out.

    now i will definitely wait til the true bottom
  6. Surdo


    Try fading FX Daily, you will make money every time.

    el surdo
  7. Good to see Ivan is still here :)

    I agree with Ivan here. USD/CAD is my fav to trade. One thing I try to do with this pair is not to over complicate it. It will serve you well if you stay calm, and stick to the funda's.

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