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  1. Being near/at multi-year lows, I've gone long on USD/CAD at the bounce from 1.1740ish. I realize oil is near highs, and the BoC has hiked once (though I'm not sure they're going to do it again), however the technical and the fundamental picture just point to a good risk/return on a long with the pair.


  2. what makes you think it won't drop to 1.1600?

    albeit, I'm in long from 1.1774 because I you're right about this being a good risk trade.

    It really has nowhere to go but up.. eventually.

  3. gwac


    I just bought some, I got a stop 100 points on the downside.

    Funds is going to have a though time going lower. Too

    many people short us $$ right now.
  4. where's your TP?

    Ivan, where do you suggest a TP?
  5. gwac


    1.19 to 1.2, i think we will see 1.19 by wed.
  6. I'll flat a failure of 1.2030.

    And by the way, you changed your name? Was that to get around my ignore filter? :)
  7. As I said, technical and fundamentals are stacked mighty strongly against that.
  8. LMAO - no, "sKaLpZ" got banned. :D
  9. well, whatever. my trade has only seen black since I entered long at 1.1774. look forward to closing it above 1.2000.

    good call, Ivan.
  10. Saw some stalling around 1.1865. Closed position for about a 125 or so pip profit. Will look to re-establish longs on a dip back to 1.1820 or so.
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