Discussion in 'Forex' started by oldtime, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. I've been long USD/CAD for quite some time (thank g-d), what's the deal? Is it ever going to pull back?

    You would think, intelligent people are shorting the dollar up here.
  2. at the moment, my average price is 9864

    but that could change at any time

    I'm about getting ready to take the other side

    Just for the hell of it

    but I must admit

    It's been a good one
  3. ok, well that deal is done

    I just sold at the market

    got filled at 9945

    that's good enough
  4. you can be sure if it ever pulls back I will be in there buying

    not because I have an opinion on CAD

    I just need to get long USD to keep everything spread

    Maybe I'll get long against JPY
  5. and that is exactly what I did
  6. out at 9945
    in at 79.24

    I guess eventually I will get bored with forex, like I get bored with everything else

    but at the moment, it is still fun
  7. well that was fun

    out at 79.84

    back in at 9932
  8. ok, I'm flat, I know a decent nights work when I see one

    usually when I get flat I get high

    but I aint in the mood to go out on the DEA government enforced "Street"

    checking out some of these new LED growlights

    not sure where I'll get back in

    probably keep my eye on AUD, It's always been my best smoothest performer