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    USD is negatively correlated with the US stock markets.

    US stock markets have an effect on the value of the USD

    everybody selling stock to buy USD

    everybody wants cash or USD even though US has trillions in debt. I guess there are no safe currencies to hold.

    that is how powerful or important the stock market is. stocks markets can mover currency markets or value of USD

    the question what will people do when the USD has it's day of reckoning and they need to sell USD. what are they going to hold.

    the only thing cash produce is paper.

    even foreign investors and institutions are buying USD. it'll be the day when US companies and gov't start own Chinese Treasuries and currency.
  2. Some say "they" are printing money to stave of a stock market crash and still the markets crater everyday more.

    I wonder where Dow would be without any government intervention....

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    Swiss banks lending money to eastern european countries.

    where does the swiss get the money to lend.

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    the gov't needs to participate in the 'open market' which is thinner than you think.

    funds need cash or USD for fund withdrawals.