USC National Champions!

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  1. WE ARE NUMBER 1!!!
  2. unfortunately, thanks to the bowl system, there will be no true national champion. sort of hard to get excited about 2 number 1's. why do people keep supporting this obsolete system.
  3. The ratings for the Oklahoma Vs. LSU for #2 will suck. Serves the BCS right.

    It is insane that the coaches will automatically vote for the winner of that game because "it is in their contract" to do so. They won't even watch the damn game and just automatically vote for the winner.

  4. well usc vs michigan wasn't exactly a "must see" game. usc/lsu would have been a legit national championship. would've had great ratings and the winner could have boasted rightfully. oh yeah, i can't wait for that ga tech vs tulsa match up!!!!!!!!!
  5. The coaches don't watch the majority of games during the year.

    sc got to #1 because they lost first, end of story. If LSU had lost the week before sc, they would be #1 today. Just because you lost first doesn't make you better than the other one loss teams.

    Enjoy the AP title if you in fact get it after the games are over.
  6. Just an abberation. Next year (like always), UM back on top for another few decades:)

    'Canes rule!!!!!

    BTW, any traders struggling, I hear FSU is always looking for place kickers. LOL (Wide Right, Wide Left, what's it gonna be next time?)

  7. Did UM move to ACC from the Big East ? If so, I doubt FSU will be winning that cupcake conference with a real contender in there now.
  8. lol lol lol......who cares!!!!!!!!! no one but fsu/miami fans. bowls are pointless, haven't watched any of them but half of the rose bowl...yawn. would watch playoffs though.....the public that still buys into this system sux!!!!
  9. Haven't watched any of them? Real football fan, aren't ya.

  10. got me there!!!!!!!!!! not a real football will i ever go on.
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