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  1. Make a search, there are some threads talking about that.
  2. I looked at every single title of the hardware section threads, didn't see this :(
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    I bought a Diamond usb display adapter pro.... item # bvu195 and found it works fine on charts and quote sheets. Seems to take very little memory or cpu time and the displays are acceptable. I haven't tried playing DVD's, but it works for my trading with 100-1000 tick charts, quote sheets, matrix, time/sales, etc. I am running 2 24" monitors using a dual video card and 1 24" monitor using the USB adapter, but I have plenty of memory and cpu cyles to run just about anything.

    good luck

  4. Sounds like it should be ok...the item you suggested is $112 at, the one I was looking at is $72...
  5. I will look through those, thanks...I also researched a lot on google etc, but didn't find much related to trading and specifically 1-minute charts. Can't imagine that'd a
    be a big issue, except maybe for L2 quotes on heavily traded names like AAPL
  6. So in theory we can get rid of the GPU and let the CPU handle 2D graphics on dedicated trading boxes? Anyone ever tried it?
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    Tudor.... I bought mine at Fry's in california for $62..


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    That sounds like a solution that truly is hassle-free, plug and play rather than worry about installing cards, compatibility issues, mobo slots etc...

    Does anyone run a couple of these with no issues for charting? I might buy one just to try it out, for 70 bucks, why not
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