USB to DVI external video card and graphics tablet

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by villiku, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. villiku



    I need some help here please, basically just a few questions.

    I have a pc with a small cpu and I recently bought a wacom tablet (cintiq 21")

    This tablet works as a secondary monitor display but my computer does not have an extra video card.

    I would like to keep my regular use monitor and add the tablet as a second one but I don't want to go through all the trouble of adding a second video card to my new, small case computer. Besides I don't even know if this will be compatible.

    I however saw this usb to dvi external video card:

    I just don't know if it will work for my tablet .

    I don't know if I can set the tablet as my primary monitor and run my regular monitor as a secondary display instead.

    Can someone give me some advice?

    Thanks so much,

  2. im doing this next week to add another monitor. it seems to work out well. i believe it works better then adding in a video card.