USB based display adapters

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Bolimomo, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. I just picked up a USB display adapter for my laptop to drive a third monitor. The make is:

    Diamond BVU160 USB Display Adapter

    It plugs in to the USB port. On the other end, it has a DVI/RGB outlet to plug in to the monitor.

    I found that the performance of this gadget is horrible. It flickers every second or so: It completely blacks out for about 0.2 second, then refreshes the screen display for about 1 second, then blacks out again - and the cycle repeats. Pretty much unusable.

    My question is - for those who has used a USB display adapter before:

    Is this flickering phenomenon inherant to the USB based display adapters? Or just that perhaps the Diamond make is no good?
  2. Update: I switched to use a different USB port on my laptop. The display still flickers but not as often (may be once every 5 seconds, which is much better than every second). Still wish it doesn't flicker though.
  3. I saw the package but when I read the spec, the supported resolution was only 1440 x ????? while the other ones are mostly 1600 x 1200 so I didn't buy it. I should give it a try. Thanks Ian!