USAP -- What Just Happened?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Martin Gale, May 11, 2006.

  1. It tanked $1 in 1 minute at 1:02 PM EST
  2. I think its called "Selling a block of shares"



    Nobody there to catch the shares/support it, price goes down.
  3. Gee, thanks, coolweb. Two more just like it later on for a 10% reversal on the day. Do me a favor and buy a few 'blocks' to get me back in black.
  4. Just saw your post about USAP.....I blocked out 8000 shares that day right after the open in 2000 share lots.....Averaged out at 36.39.....MY BAD....I will be looking to get back in around 27/28 area or before......This was just the begining of profit taking in the steel and metals and titanium for me.....I liquidated almost the whole portfolio this day....I am one of those greedy men you can blame for the decline in the overall market....

  5. Suddenly, everybody's a comedian.