USA´s obvious loss of global power

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  1. This is a partly translation from a Danish newspaper on the result of the recent G20 summit.

    WASHINGTON: The low expectations for the G20 summit was indeed honored - as 2 days of negotiations between heads of states lead to absolutly nothing. The final decleration that was broadcast is so round and unclear that it symbolizes the complete absence of agreement.

    Far more interesting to note, is the fact that the summit documents that a new world order is a reality. China, that this year surpassed Japan as the worlds second largest economy, took a leading role with the USA. Hu Jintao where as dominant as Barack Obama - and after the meeting he(Hu Jintao) could note several victories over his American opponent.

    The 2 US goals for the summit where both attacks on China, none of them where honored.
  2. As long as CIA spends 26 times of its budget to drugs and arms all around the world, USA will stay as the leader.