USA will be bankrupt

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  1. I live where the Jesus walked.
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  2. Democrats have a much lower approval rating then Bush. However why confuse the facts?

    Our system was designed to be a bottoms up grassroots system. Not a top down one.

    Our biggest problems is we have a elected a bunch of fools to congress and until we throw those rats out the President can't do that much.

    Get rid of the Waxmans, Reids, Peloskis, Durbin's and replace them with those that want to get rid of as much government as we can.

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  3. I'm an indpependent - that said - are you kidding me?

    GWB and the Republican Congress grew the government and debt greater than the days of LBJ.

    The greatest threat we have to our government is the special interest lobbies and corporate welfare.

    I'm voting Democrat this election. The Republicans had their turn and blew it. Big time.

    Republicans = Socialism for the Rich 1%

    Democrats = Socialism for the bottom 99%

    I'll take the Democrats.

    if we're going to be screwed either way, I'd rather benefit somewhat and get hurt less.
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  4. No I am not kidding and as usual your reaction to facts are typical of Socialist's.

    Congressional approval rating is in the high teens.

    BTW, only 25% of Democrats consider Hillary Clinton "trustworthy".

    As far as Democratic Presidents are concerned, check out the morons that were elected as President.

    FDR --- Turned WW2 into a cluster fuck.
    Kennedy - Drug addict, Sex addict, Bay of Pigs, got himself killed by the Mafia.
    LBJ-- "Great Society fiasco" Vietnam
    Carter- Screwed the Israeli's, lost Iran
    Clinton- Bribed by the Chinese, ignored the war on terror, screwed employees, Rapist, Liar, Impeached, disbarred.

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  5. I'm not quite sure about those #s. I wouldn't hold any illusion. I think both parties are guilty of 'entitlement for the top 5%' more than we readily realize, proxy to ownership of government by the corporation.

    Below is closer to the truth.

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  6. I hav e been a funder manager for years and the company i work for has an office in Sydney.... The on going joke is how broke and cheap the Aussies are. Three words for Aussies

    1. Cheap

    2. Dumb

    3. Broke
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  7. John (jficquette):

    My point is not about popularity, but results. The Republicans were/are not true conservatives - they indebted our nation unnecessarily - they need to clean their house. And I can care less about your characterization of past democrats - again, I have voted pretty evenly for both parties, and even voted for Perot in '92. Blind faith in a party is what corrupts it. Free yourself from being a blind supporter of any party - that's one thing we Americans need to do more of.

    And when foreigners criticize us, who cares?! The kneejerk patritotic angry response only makes us follow the politicians that use patriotism as a last resort.


    I agree with you - my 99%/1% is arbitrary-nonetheless there is a large distinction amongst those that benefit from government largesse and those that do not.

    I like to think myself more of a liberterian - but that is a concept that most of the electorate fears - and why? Because both wealthy and poor will have to actually WORK and be subject to risk.
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  8. Americans: lions led by donkeys.
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  9. Quite the contrast to encouraging and teaching children to become suicide bombers, don't you think?

    No you don't think.
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  10. I thank you to the poster to presented the videos.

    I wish the dicussion afterwords would have delt more or less on whether or not these videos are of the conspiracy theory type or whether they actually have validity.
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