USA will be bankrupt

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  1. You are so right. I think the USA should start charging heavily for "Military Protection and Assistance"
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  2. Joab


    I love America but have to agree with you (if their stupid enough to put McCain in office).

    As a Canadian I will be happy to sit here and sell them $200 barrels of our oil.

    Sheik Joab :D
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  3. Joab


    The only people that we need to be protected against are the people that hate YOU not us.

    Mind your own business and respect others and people will "mostly" leave you alone.

    Us Canadians specialize in middle of the road politics and it works fine 95% of the time.
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  4. Be careful what you wish for. Canada is extremely tied to the US economy. The US started slowing down last fall and what happens in the USA hit's Canada 6 months later. From what I hear, Canadian transport companies are closing and manufacturing has slowed in Canada due to the high Cdn dollar and the slowdown here. Real Estate has slowed considerably in Eastern Canada according to my sources.
    Did you know that the entire Canadian steel industry is foreign owned now? Oil may be next.
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  5. gkishot


    Those people hate you as much as they hate US but they think of you as easy target. You are next on their to-do list.
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  6. Canada is not an easy target, the US Military will protect them even if they don't appreciate it.
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  7. A little footnote to your prediction: Most these scientific advancements will be engineered by people of Jewish ethnicity (at least most of the medical & health related progress) ... yet somehow you'll still have ignorant anti-Semites who benefit tremendously from Jewish inventions one hour, only to bitterly curse about 'them damn Jews ruining the world' the next.
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  8. The fact that USA haters in other countries post thousands of tmes on an American board speaks volumes in of itself.

    They can't even decouple themselves from our Internet.

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  9. gkishot


    It means for me one thing: if country like US didn't exist it would be necessary to create it. The country that would become the best of the breed.
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  10. how nice another jealous little brother from up north. you better pray McCain wins, not only for $200 oil, but to keep NAFTA.

    Thinks he's so much smarter then most americans, this is the smug, arrogant attitude of most canadians toward americans
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