USA will be bankrupt

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  1. Thanks for your good wishes.

    Which high taxation socialist country do you live in?
  2. I'm in Australia enjoying 7.25% on my cash in the bank living in my beautiful FULLY PAID FOR house and laughing my arse off at IDIOT AMERICANS who will undoubtedly be stupid enough to vote republican yet again!

  3. yeah keep laughing until the commodity boom ends and your back to an exchange rate of 50 cents to the dollar.

    I love these countries that think they can keep growing and booming and it does matter what the USA is doing. decoupling my ass.

    And just wait till one of those dems wins who talk about pulling out of free trade pacts or "responsible" trade, NOT free trade wins. THe rest of the world will beg for 4 more years of bush.
  4. You are generalizing.

    What makes you think the majority here are suffering? My beautiful home is FULLY PAID for as well.

    Be careful Alex, loud mouth obnoxious assholes usually get what's coming to them.

    Cheers Mate!
  5. zdreg


    decoupling is an ongoing process. within a few decades process willbe complete.
  6. Just another cocksucking, funny talking ingrate from the hell hole of the world.

    The Queen was right to put all you assholes where u are--far from the civilized non-pig fucking population of the world.

    LMFAO!! "To the Queen"
  7. You are so right. The world complains (out of jealousy) about the USA but when shit hits the fan guess who they come running too?

    Europeans can't even handle Bosnia by themselves.

  8. You are right. In a few decades the USA won't have a need for the rest of the World.

    Cures for all diseases, free energy, artifical intelligence will be here within 30-50 years.

    Who will need chicken shit countries to buy things from?? Not the USA.

  9. Go easy on our "Down Under Mate". He lives in a low IQ country that has produced no new technology, no innovations, no medical breakthroughs. He has probably loaded himself up with ale and decided to make an ass of himself on this forum.
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