USA warns Canada of Wikileak Release

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    "The U.S. government has notified Ottawa that the WikiLeaks website is preparing to release sensitive U.S. diplomatic files that could damage U.S. relations with allies around the world."

    "U.S. officials say the documents may contain accounts of compromising conversations with political dissidents and friendly politicians and could result in the expulsion of U.S. diplomats from foreign postings."

    "A State Department spokesman said Wednesday the release of confidential communications about foreign governments probably will erode trust in the United States as a diplomatic partner."

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    Between this Wikileaks guy and Osama bin Laden the world is seeing that the USA is powerless against an individual.

    I say kill wiki-boy but evidently the USA is so completely intent on self-destruction that it will not act to defend itself regardless of the peril.

    Maybe someday the US will return to the foreign policies of Eisenhower who seemed to understand how to deal with individual threats. If these leaks were Israeli documents this guy would be cold meat on a stainless-steel table in Geneva right now.
  3. The very fact that the USA is contacting allies to say "you are not going to be happy about this", suggests that it is something significant...

    Does the USA have any friends left in this world? Besides South Korea I suppose. But that's because they need the states...

    "WikiLeaks has been mum on what will be contained in the documents, but it did tweet the next release - expected this weekend or early next week - would be "seven times larger" than the 400,000 reports on the US war in Iraq it made public in October."
  5. You would think the US would Jason Bourne this WikiGeek.
  6. Thank God for Wikileaks! What a great way to open corrupt and idiot governments:

    Iraq helicopter attack. The Pentagon accused Wikileaks of endangering national security after it posted a video taken from an Apache helicopter's gun camera showing the crew shooting dead 15 civilians, including two Reuters journalists, and laughing about it.

    Scientology. Wikileaks put the secret 'bibles' of Scientology online in 2008 and refuse to remove the L. Ron Hubbard-penned works despite efforts from the organization's lawyers.

    Climategate. Leaked emails in which scientists discussed ways to manipulate climate data sparked a major row in the scientific world and a UN investigation.

    Guantanamo manual. An operating manual for dealing with Gitmo inmates found its way onto Wikileaks in 2007, letting human rights groups know that prisoners could be denied Red Cross access for up to 4 weeks.

    Sarah Palin's private emails. The then-Alaska governor was accused of trying to dodge transparency guidelines after emails posted on Wikileaks by a hacker showed that she had been using her Yahoo! account to conduct state business.

    Pentagon Wikileaks warning. A classified military document warning that the site could pose a threat to military operations and detailing efforts to find a possible mole leaking information to the site soon found its way onto Wikileaks.
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    You seem to have quite an anti-American axe to grind. Lose money in the US markets did you? :D
  8. Yep :D
  9. I agree with you on most topics. However, I don't understand what you have against wikileaks...

    I mean do you think most people want to live in a nation like algeria or the soviet union or any other oppressive regime, where people have to fear for their lives if they tell the truth about what the government is doing? Political kidnappings and killings instead of freedom of speech? Is that really what you want?? You act as if that the information about these operations should be somehow hidden from the people who are paying for it. Can you clarify your position?

  10. Don't worry because on this Thanksgiving you have Barry to thank for working so hard to return that money back to its rightful owner without ever questioning the idiocity involved in losing it.
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