USA! USA! USA! Winning the coronavirus race

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    All fine by Easter. Beautiful!
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  3. I knew the Prez would lead us to the promised land! :rolleyes:
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  4. that's what i'm talking about!
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    Pct of population? Looks good to me. You are comparing apples to oranges. Obviously you are slanting the data for your own agenda.
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    China population: 1.4B
    USA population: 0.33B

    China cases: 75k (0.005%) @ 32 days
    USA cases: 50k (0.015%) @ 20 days

    Your point?
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    Check the other countries! China shut down the country. This is not a communist country and will never be a communist country, Dems be damned.
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  8. Funny thing about the people who are dropping dead from CV19. They have no agenda. Or at least not any longer.

    Same as CoronaV clowns, like Utah Jazz basketball player, are no longer clowning around ... since he got it.

    Death or the possibility changes people. Just look at all those who found religion once they were sent to death row. Again no agenda. Just reality.
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    Trump did say the US is going to win so much you will get tired of winning.
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    I've been tracking the number of new cases that are reported every day in the U.S. This metric will likely provide the first indications that the curve has peaked. The growth rate has seemed to slow over the past few days, but it's still increasing.

    Mar. 16th - 983
    Mar. 17th - 1,748
    Mar. 18th - 2,848
    Mar. 19th - 4,530
    Mar. 20th - 5,594
    Mar. 21st - 4,824
    Mar. 22nd - 9,339
    Mar. 23rd - 10,168
    Mar. 24th - 11,075
    Mar. 25th - 10,796 (Current count as of 6 pm)
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