USA & UK economy worse than Taleban economy

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    At presemt USA economy and UK economy are worse than Taleban economy.

    Taleban economy is all about selling Sheeps and Goats.

    Whereas the whole modern financial world is a "Ponzi in disguise". Stock markets, social security & pension funds and banking system are ponzi.There is no real money.

    How will you put 500 million people in prison for being involved in Ponzi?

    I think, the printing cost of $100 bill is 10 cents.
    Central banks are just increasing the "money supply" when there is no actual "sales demand".

    The world governments is taking money from new investors (tax-payers) and giving it to old investors (bankrupt giant companies). There is 100% possibility/chance that the giant companies will shut down because "sales future" is not guaranteed because $60 trilion to $120 Trillion loss has destroyed world economy.

    The $6 Trillion bail-out & stimulus package from world governments is "big ponzi".

    It is high-time that Worldwide Army/Military (including USA & UK army) should over-throw their governments and gain 100% control over their country's administration.
    Worldwide governments are too weak, incompetent and basically useless.

    Now, only Army/Military can save this world. Army is the supreme institution.
  2. ......but, the U.S. Military guards/controls opium fields in Afghanistan (Taliban economy) while setting up deals and selling the product to many like the mullahs in Iran. :eek: (while creating massive off books slush funds for various ops).

    So, U.S. Military ops (The West) sells opium to Iran's Mullahs (The Fabled Enemy) so they can in turn pump the opium into their country (while making big profits) to keep segments of their population distracted (kind of like when the CIA brings drugs into parts of our country). Tehran is the opium junkie capital of the world, and their very youthful demographic in Iran is just as manipultated as a citizenry group as the U.S. citizens are.....there is some reality for you! :eek:

    ENJOY! :eek:
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    Army/Military is for the people, by the people.

    Worldwide civilians should support their army/military because worldwide governments/politicians are too weak, incompetent and basically useless.
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    money supply = value of assets or value of GDP

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    what is your agenda in posting all this gloom and doom unless you short position or hedge fund etc.

    money makes the world go around.

    money sitting in t-bills or bonds is idle capital

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    inflation is a reality.

    so holding cash at 2% interest is useless.

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    George W Bush was the Best-ever USA President.

    What further improvements and better policies can Barak Obama make/implement, which George Bush could not make.

    It is a dead end and there is no way out. It's over.

    Majority all world economy follow USA & UK example.

    My agenda-: Worldwide Army/Military (including USA & UK army) should over-throw their governments and gain 100% control over their country's administration.

    Enough of useless & weak governments and politicians
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    CNBC-: Dollar is "Absolutely Doomed"

    With promises of more U.S. government intervention, we are going to be in a situation of hyperinflation and a dollar that is absolutely doomed, warns Kirby Daley, senior strategist at the Newedge Group. Daley & Dodge Dorland, CIO at Landor Capital Management
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    I think Civilians do not respect military people.

    Civilians just want military people to sacrifice their life to save them & their family.

    I think Civilians consider military people as second class citizen who earn less salary/wages doing the job of a watchman. Just as the watchman is not allowed to enter the house. Civilians do not want military people to enter the country. They should always remain outside the country (on borders, barren & uninhabited areas.

    Civilians never want military people to become country leaders & lead them.

    I will tell this to all my worldwide military friends & contacts and let them decide what to do next.