USA trying to destroy democracy in Pakistan

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  1. How dare the Pakistanis have a fair election, where the guy who declared martial law is thrown out!

    No freedom for them,the USA is working overtime to re-intall this brutal dictator who imprisioned judges and the media, and who suspended democracy.

    Remember that? No way our media will ever bring that up again...

    Why is the USA meddling in free people's lives.

    Would you be surprised if a pakistani citizen decided to retaliate when his newly elected government is overthrown and a dictator is installed?

    Musharraf, victors clash
    Ceremonial role will allow President's easy exit, U.S. and other governments say

    From Thursday's Globe and Mail

    February 21, 2008 at 4:38 AM EST

    ISLAMABAD — The U.S. administration and other Western powers are involved in behind-the-scenes negotiations with Pakistan's victorious political parties aimed at saving President Pervez Musharraf.

    Washington is concerned that a confrontation between the President and the newly elected government would plunge nuclear-armed Pakistan into a new political crisis and distract from fighting terrorism. Nawaz Sharif, leader of one of the two main opposition parties who triumphed at the polls on Monday, has declared that Mr. Musharraf should be impeached.

    Diplomatic and political sources also said that Western governments are trying to remove from the immediate political agenda the issue of reinstating the independent judiciary, who were fired by Mr. Musharraf in November. Restoring the judges would make it impossible for him to continue, as they are likely to rule that Mr. Musharraf's re-election as president, in October, was illegal, and possibly hear treason charges against him.
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    I have a slightly different view of events in Pakistan.
    The USA just lost their only ally in a volatile region. Mainly because that Jackass in the White House keeps trying to push democracy onto people who hate that flawed system. It maybe ok for Western Europe or USA but most of the 3rd world reject it.
    To try offering free and fair elections in most 3rd world countries only courts disaster. Its more of a fight to the death in the jungle than a Vicar's tea-party.
    Western politicians still can't grasp this concept. Hopefully things will change with time but remembering it took 100s of painful years in the West - its not likely to happen any time soon in some countries - sadly
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    I agree.

    Americas foreign strategy of real politik is flawed.

    Meddling in the affairs of nations against their will breeds enemies.

    Those enemies justify further meddling which foments and widens the conflict.

    This is nothing new and every geostrategist knows this.

    This type of provocation cloaked under the banner of "peaceful non-aggression" provides the ultimate rational for endless war and conquest.

    Americas war machine is doing very well. And thats the way they like it.

    The whole strategy is premediated. Its patently obvious.