USA to veto UN vote on "Palestine"

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jakejones, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. USA will do the right thing and veto the "Palestine" vote.

    Palestinians support terror, so voting for Palestine is the same as voting for terror.

    God bless Israel.
  2. Contributions on this vital thread are welcome, except from anti-semites and supporters of Muslim Terrorism, who should instead go to Afghanistan for NATO target practice :D
  3. I will start this thread off by saying that Americans will always be welcome in Israel.
  4. rew


    Then PLEASE immigrate there and never come back.

    A plus for both countries!
  5. Typical anti-semitic post. Go back to your cave in Iran or Pakistan.
  6. g222


    quote from rew:

    I get the part about 'a plus' for us, but for israel???

    I can think of NO country that has committed acts so vile against mankind so as to be forced to accept THE JERK as its punishment.

    I know, I know I know ... I've been reported to the spcj and all that shit.
  7. Lucrum


    Well...which is it, Iran or Pakistan?

  8. How many virgins will you have there waiting for me ? :( .
  9. rew


    Okay, I admit that it's anti-Semitic to recommend imposing jakejones on Israel. Despite their sins they don't deserve *that*.
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