USA threatens Sweden w trade sanctions over file sharing on back of media lobbyists

Discussion in 'Politics' started by phenomena, Nov 18, 2010.

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    News for our non swedish speaking friends

    As many of you already know the raid on us were ordered by the retractable baton lovers at MPAA. This has been a pretty big issue on the swedish news lately. Since many of our foreign friends have requested translated news, some nice people have now made some subtitles. Find the torrent here: In Sweden it is concidered very important that the politicians do not interfere with certain cases of police work. So you might understand why people here are so pissed off about Bush, MPAA, fucking Tom Cruise or whoever it was being behind this big sabotage against The Pirate Bay. Also, The Pirate Shop tells us that they have gotten huge amounts of orders from people around the world these last weeks. They are working their asses off so you will get your shirts and gear in time, so please be patient about waiting a few extra days.
  2. Hey pirate bay, go f.... die already.