USA State Governments Near Crisis?

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  1. Are any readers from Hawaii? Is the Hawaiian State Government in financial trouble?

    What other states might be close to a financial crisis?


    Monster that won't die: the state budget crisis
    KGMB9 - 6 hours ago
    So it is with the state budget crisis. On Friday morning HGEA revealed that Governor Lingle has sent over a new proposal that contained a little give on ...
    Shortfall revised upward to $876M Honolulu Star-Bulletin
    Council on Revenues: “Look out below!” KGMB9

    Friday, August 28, 2009, 4:00pm HAST
    Lingle warns of 'substantial' cuts comingPacific Business News (Honolulu) - by Nanea Kalani

    Hawaii Gov. Linda Lingle said late Friday that her cabinet will hold an “emergency” meeting over the weekend to find additional ways to cut state spending, noting that it will likely involve more layoffs of state workers.
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    California was hiring all during their budget crisis... when politicians talk about budget cuts they actually mean reductions in the rate of increase...