USA President & Vice President dancing (hell with economy)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by talknet, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. talknet


    The whole USA economy & world economy is falling apart but the USA president & Vice-President are dancing with their wives at "Inauguration Ball". They are having a "party time" and making childish decisions such as "pay freeze for senior white house staff".

    Now, Day 3 and nothing has happened when the economic decisions should have been immediately declared at USA President Inauguration instead of "useless speech".

    My message of "Military/Army takeover" have been received by my worldwide military friends and contacts. Let's see what happens next.

    I have friends and contacts in USA army, Russian army, European army and Indian army.

    Moderators, DO NOT move this thread to "politics & Religion". Enough of your idiotic decisions.
  2. moarla


    be happy that this fucking idiot bush is gone (and with him the vize)
  3. skylr33


    At least Bush kept America safe from another terror attack. Obama won't be able to to that, especially since he pals around with them (Ayers).
  4. moarla


    bushs friends did the attack you dont know it?

    hopefully someone gives him, what he deserves

    and fortunately the USA has now what he deserved

  5. talknet


    What further improvements and better policies can Barak Obama make which George Bush could not make. It is a dead end and there is no way out. It's over.

    George Bush was the Best-ever USA President.

    Barack Obama and his team are "party animals" having party from Tax-payer's money.
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  7. futfox


    Don't worry, they're just juggling your inaugural balls.
  8. guy just finished an incredible multi year drive to get the hottest job in the world. let him enjoy abit: bang a few interns, abuse the room service, prank a few friends with the CIA.
  9. moarla


    ......and dont wait or hope for conservatives come back in 4 years: old conservative voteres will die faster then you believe in the next 4 years, so 8 years with intelligent people in the white house!
  10. Very true, leave USA alone and we all will be milking it for decades.
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