USA for Sale?

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  1. The United States may have run up a huge debt, but it is not poor. The federal government owns roughly 650 million acres of land, close to a third of the nation’s total land mass. Plus a million buildings. Plus electrical utilities such as the Tennessee Valley Authority. And the Interstate Highway System.

    With the United States poised to slam into its debt limit today, conservative economists are eyeballing all that gold in Fort Knox.

    There’s about 147 million ounces of gold parked in the legendary vault. Gold is selling at nearly $1,500 an ounce. That’s many billions of dollars in bullion.

    The Heritage Foundation on Tuesday released a plan for balancing the budget that did not include tax increases, but did include a proposal to sell $260 billion in federal assets over 15 years.
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    will the billions be enuff to pay off the trillion dollar debt?
  3. USA economy and USA Presidential plane

    I think Colorado springs police abandon their police helicopters and switched off 1/3 of their street lights is a desperate attempt to save money. Barack Obama is the President of a poor country because 42 million Americans are on food stamps. 45% Americans income is below taxation limit and they do not pay taxes.

    USA is bankrupt but Barack Obama travels by Boeing 747 giant presidential plane (Air force one). There is another Boeing 747 giant plane (support plane) which always travel with Air force one. So basically 2 boeing 747 planes travel all over the world at the same time for Barack Obama.

    Honestly speaking, Barack Obama must immediately start walking 50,000 miles all over the world and forget air force one.


    Plane with Michelle Obama had to abort landing because of mistake

    A White House plane carrying Michelle Obama came dangerously close to a 200-ton military cargo jet and had to abort its landing at Joint Base Andrews on Monday as the result of an air traffic controller’s mistake, according to federal officials familiar with the incident.

    The first lady was returning from a television appearance and other events with Jill Biden in New York and was aboard a Boeing 737 that is part of the presidential fleet of jets when the error occurred on final approach to Andrews.

    Obama is worth $5 million but a Boeing 747 plane cost $200 million+. Add other planes cost for presidential fleet.

    If a President wants to travel by Boeing 747 own plane, he/she should be worth atleast $1 Billion

    All world leaders should forget their planes and luxury and start walking 50,000 miles all over the world.
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    Even if the govt manages to sell off $2 trillion in assets... there's still $12 trillion in debt to go. Might as well keep the assets!

    Only way to pay off the debt is for the govt to open up a debt-free printing press, print out US dollars, and pay off the debt!
  5. I think USA debts are $60 Trillion or more.
  6. It depends on what is considered debt.

    One other thing you have to note is when you sell everything off quickly it is less valuable.
  7. First the world assets should be put up for sale. So we will be come to know who are the buyers. How much real money the world has? Trial by fire. The decision day has arrived. If there are no buyers for world assets (billionaires and millionaires) they are worth nothing. They are basically poor people.

    If anybody knows any other source of real money please post it here.

    USA real estates are $23 Trillion.\\\\\\&pagenumber=8
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    'USA real estates are $23 Trillion'

    US is not Russia and people here do not think on the basis of another Vodka peg. So forget about selling any US land or assets. Russians are crying now as to why they sold off Alaska which came to be full of oil.

    Grow up buddy! I have heard of many Russians wanting to sell Siberian hinterlands. Seeing that mentality the Chinese are encroaching fast on the eastern borders. :D
  9. I want to buy Siberia and Alaska for my personal use/asset. How much is the total cost? I have $1 Trillion and more.
  10. Ron Paul: Sell The Gold In Fort Knox.

    Selling Gold at Fort Knox Emerges as Next Big Question in Debate on Federal Debt Limit

    NEW YORK — The next big question on the federal debt limit could be whether to start selling the government’s holdings of gold at Fort Knox — and at least one presidential contender, Ron Paul, has told The New York Sun he thinks it would be a good move.

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