USA Economy is strong ?

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  1. Just wanted to re-post this memo from the Trading forum:
    Anecdotal evidence from my wife's recent out-of-work experience with a MASTER'S get this: HEALTH CARE LAW coupled with a nursing degree saws one thing: THIS USA ECONOMY SUCKS MAXIMUS. There is absolutely ZERO leverage for higher wages for white collar, non-union, non-govt workers. 30k reduction from GM, 10k reduction from Ford, 40k reduction from HPQ ? HAAALLLOOO...."knowledge (bullshit) workers" are a DIME-A-DOZEN right now. Construction workers, masonry workers ARE KICKING BUTT WAGE-WISE.
    Note: She did finally receive an offer after 10 weeks !! of "looking"....but it wasn't a great one...VERY DISAPPOINTING relative to the COST AND EFFORT of abtaining the ADVANCED DEGREE.
    Anyone going after an advanced degree in ANYTHING right now for purposes of WAGE ENHANCEMENT should have their HEAD EXAMINED.
    Strategically, longer term, I would be short APOL, CECO, COCO, and anything related to this online-learning-advanced-degree-is-better theme B.S.
    So "bogus".
  2. Bullshit.
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    diagree 100%. I used to own a recruiting firm. There is an art and a process to quickly and efficiently finding a job. Advanced education is SUPER important, dare i say the #1 factor.
  4. Also disagree. Just because your particular case is worse than desired is not conducive of the rest of the country.

    Try looking beyond your own bedroom window.
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    some people never understand the nature of anecdotal evidence
  6. To everyone who doesn't know it yet: the U.S. economy is weak regardless of what the media & government is telling you. Best indicator to underpin this statement: GOOOOOOOLD!!!!! (AU that is!)
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    You're right about Gold. Investors will usually start to buy Gold when the economy is getting bad since they think this is a safe-haven when things turn south.
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    Well, sure, the USA is horsesh*t deep, right up to its neck, in debt ..govt debt, trade deficit debt and aggregate personal/consumer debt.

    But you know what .. bottom line? Its the biggest economy, its the strongest and its the engine of the world economy.
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    Cheese has it right....FOR NOW.

    The question remains....What happens when we spend all of the wealth we created after WW11? Seems like we are NOT creating any new wealth, just spending from the glory days.

    Debt works wonders on the way up, but hell to pay on the way down.....

    Once the interest rates get to 6% or above the construction workers will be at the unemployment office.

    Listen to Alan Greenspan, Al says we are in for a fall, BIG TIME.
  10. The question is for how long the US administration and their assistants at CNBC can fool everybody around the globe! As long as there is some confidence in the $ the US is indeed the engine of the world. But that can change immediately if the fools -foreigners- begin to understand that the $ is made out of thin air. Ultimately GOLD will wake them up. The 1 million ounce gold question is WHEN that moment will arrive.
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