USA economy and USA Presidential plane

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  1. I think Colorado springs police abandon their police helicopters and switched off 1/3 of their street lights is a desperate attempt to save money. Barack Obama is the President of a poor country because 42 million Americans are on food stamps. 45% Americans income is below taxation limit and they do not pay taxes.

    USA is bankrupt but Barack Obama travels by Boeing 747 giant presidential plane (Air force one). There is another Boeing 747 giant plane (support plane) which always travel with Air force one. So basically 2 boeing 747 planes travel all over the world at the same time for Barack Obama.

    Honestly speaking, Barack Obama must immediately start walking 50,000 miles all over the world and forget air force one.
  2. Plane with Michelle Obama had to abort landing because of mistake

    A White House plane carrying Michelle Obama came dangerously close to a 200-ton military cargo jet and had to abort its landing at Joint Base Andrews on Monday as the result of an air traffic controller’s mistake, according to federal officials familiar with the incident.

    The first lady was returning from a television appearance and other events with Jill Biden in New York and was aboard a Boeing 737 that is part of the presidential fleet of jets when the error occurred on final approach to Andrews.
  3. I never heard of any complaints about Air Force One until a black man won the presidency,now I see republicans complaining about it all the time

    Whats next,sell the white house and get the Obama's a 3 bedroom apartment :cool:
  4. Air force fighter jets accompany him as well
  5. Hello


    And i suppose when people were complaining about nancy pelosi jet setting around america that was also racist....
    You are an idiot....
  6. No complaints about legitimacy either, until now. Now all of a sudden all kinds of states want to see original forms (no Hawaii long forms, hmmm) to prove you're a city Zen.
    The Constitution's just fine, until it ain't, as usual for the dishonest denizens of the right, who first bankrupt this country, and then complain about it as soon as they have a Democrat in the White House.
    Unfortunately for them, not everyone's a stupid-ass fool.
  7. Agreed
  8. All world leaders should forget their planes and luxury and start walking 50,000 miles all over the world.
  9. Whether its Bush,Obama,Trump or Palin,The President Of The United States deserves Air Force One

    The Vice President and the Speaker deserves their own plane as well
  10. Obama is worth $5 million but a Boeing 747 plane cost $200 million+. Add other planes cost for presidential fleet.

    If a President wants to travel by Boeing 747 own plane, he/she should be worth atleast $1 Billion.
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