USA economic crisis is good for peace

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    They has less $$ to hurt Iran and less $$ to hurt Syria and less money to give their Israelian master.

    Peace better than war.

    USA weak economic is good.

    norouzi (of Iran)
  2. Look you Iranian, the only thing good for peace is to bring down Syria and Iran so that they no longer threaten us with weapons of mass destruction.

    The Iranian terror regime is committed to destroying Israel, and the USA will defend Israel at all costs -- even if that means the end of Iran.
  3. Please, dear god, not the WMD crap again...
  4. The thing is, the Iranians do have them
  5. Sure.

    Just like the Iraqis did.
  6. Unfortunately, from a historical perspective large scale wars and conflicts usually follow recessions/depressions. The roots of WWI lie in the economic recession of 1901-1903. WWII followed the Great Depression.

    Some historians think it is inevitable that large scale conflicts follow economic crisis's. Usually the world does not go to war when the economies of nations are good ( like the 1990s) and people in countries are content; wars occur over resources, etc. when economies are bad.

    In view of the United States' political, economic, and military position in the world; it is likely that we would be involved in whatever conflict flares up.
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    Perhaps it is time for you to get a life.
  8. You all wrong.
    Saddam was gone because he refused U.S. dollar;
    Gaddafi was gone because he conspired Africa to get rid of U.S. dollar;
    Mubarak was gone because He said 911 is inside job;
    Iran is next because Iranian PressTV keeping talking about Zionist control and its president calling reinvestigation of 911. Both IAEA and U.S. Intel said Iran does not intend to have military nuclear capability. Syria just serves a path to Iran downfall.

    U.S. as well as the West are just a shell and body of Zionist control. The crises in U.S. and EU had helped Zionist to consolidate more power than ever. that is why the West has been very aggressive in toppling countries despite apparent economic weakness, which is misleading.
  9. Time to move this thread to "Politics" - it has no meaningful economic content.
  10. I know whenever ever Zionists are referenced here, an excuse would be given to put the thread into obscurity. I guess U.S. dollar is not an economic concept. This site is bought too. $500 trillion owned by Rothschild is a lot of money, enough to muffle a little web site like ET. LOL.
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