USA drone bombing of Pakistani government and intelligence service HQ

Discussion in 'Politics' started by jamiejones, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Should we get the Pakistanis? I am not saying we nuke the terrorist fuckers, but at least we should think about getting rid of the intelligence service and government and putting more decent folk in control. Maybe we can hand Pakistan over to India or something like that.

    Pakistan is getting in the way of our Afghanistan success.
  2. Nuke em. They are not us, why should we even care about the smelly camel riders?
  3. Finally, we agree on somethin. Yup, we should nuke em: the pakistanians and the injuns, right?
  4. Why stop there? I say nuke everywhere there is no USA. Maybe save Alaska. And Brazil. Brazilian women are beautiful.
  5. You are mad